Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all.

His intense sex-life is filled with attractive men, three-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. He becomes obsessed with the boy and because he is used to controlling his life, he fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But..., will he be able to succeed?"


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Andres de la Serna in LOVE ADDICTION

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  1. Strongboli:

    I absolutely love this scene between Navas and Andres. I have one question though, during the part where Andres does a hand stand while Navas sucks him off, there is a still photos of Navas sucking him off while Andres is facing him and his ass faces the camera, instead of the way it is in the movie. How come that still photo isn't in the film? I would love to see that part in live motion rather than a still photo. Anyway, it was so erotic that I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since I saw it this weekend. Keep up the good work. One more thing, Where is Navas from? Argentina? or Brazil?