Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all.

His intense sex-life is filled with attractive men, three-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. He becomes obsessed with the boy and because he is used to controlling his life, he fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But..., will he be able to succeed?"


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 GAYVN Award Nominations: STRONGBOLI, "Best Director"

2010 GAYVN Award Nominations


Best Director
 - Strongboli, Love Addiction (Sarava/K. B)
 - Astrid Glitter, John (Glitter Films)
  - Brian Mills, Distraction (TitanMen)
  - Chi Chi LaRue, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal Video)
  - C. Ward, Ben Leon, T. DiMarco, Focus/ReFocus (R. Stallion)
  - Joe Gage, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
  - John Rutherford, Hot Bods (COLT)
  - Kristofer Weston, Lotus (Buckshot Productions)
  - Lucas Kazan, Rough/Tender (Lucas Kazan Productions)
  - Michael Lucas mr. Pam, Nate MacNamara, Obsession (Lucas)
  - Steven Scarborough, Skuff 4 (Hot House) 
  - Wendy Crawford, Pirate's Booty (Adult Source Media)


Best Actor
  - Allen Silver, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
  - Cole Streets, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion Studios)
  - Logan McCree, The Visitor (Raging Stallion)
  - Luke Marcum, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls (Dominic Ford)
  - Steven Tyler, HouseBoy (DreamBoy Productions/Eurocreme)
  - Wilfried Knight, Obsession (Lucas Entertainment)

 Best All-Sex Video
  - 5 Americans in Prague (Bel Ami Entertainment)
  - Hot Bods (COLT Studio Group)
  - Inside Israel (Lucas)
  - Reckless (Hot House Entertainment)
  - Tales of the Arabian Nights (Raging Stallion)
  - Tropical Adventure (Sarava Productions/Kristen Bjorn)

Best Alternative Release
  - Brief Encounters (Pantheon Productions)
  - Buck Angel's Ultimate Fucking Club (Buck Angel Entertainment)
  - John (Glitter Films)
  - Men in Stockings (Lucas)
  - Muscle Bears on the Prowl (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
  - Pirate's Booty (Adult Source Media)
  - The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (Boulevard Distribution)

Best Amateur/Pro-Am Release
  - Argentina (World of Men)
  - Battle Cry 3 (Active Duty Productions)
  - Brent Corrigan's Big Easy (Prodigy Pictures/Dirty Bird Pictures)
  - Dressed (down & dirty) (UK Naked Men)
  - Stag Reel (Stag Homme Studios)

Best Cumshot
  - Dan Rhodes, Ink Stain (Raging Stallion)
  - Josh West, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
  - Manuel Lopez, Stag Fight (Stag Homme)
  - Rafael Alencar, Wall Street (Lucas)
  - Spencer Reed, The Trap (Raging Stallion)

Best Duo Sex Scene
  - Benjamin Bradley and Nelson Troy, Tread Heavy (Rascal)
  - Brian Bennet and Brandon Manilow, Seriously Sexy Part One (Bel Ami)
  - Derrek Diamond and Alexsander Freitas, Diamond Auto (Raging Stallion)
  - Jonathan Agassi and Matan Shalev, Men of Israel (Lucas)
  - Paris and Venom, Queens Plaza Pickup 3 (Real Urban Men Productions)
  - Tony Buff and Will Parker, Folsom Flesh (TitanMen)

Best Feature Release
  - Asylum (Falcon Studios)
  - Dad Takes Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
  - Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)
  - HouseBoy (DreamBoy/Eurocreme)
  - Obsession (Lucas)
  - Overdrive (Titan)
  - Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)

Best Fetish Release
  - Bound Gods (
  - Darkroom (Mustang Studios)
  - Shock Treatment (TitanMen Rough)
  - Skuff 4 (Hot House)
  - Slick Dogs (TitanMen)

Best Group Sex Scene
  - Alexsander Freitas, Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed; Adrenaline (Mustang)
  - Arthur Gordon, Gustavo Arango, Ricci Julian, Jean Franko, Bruno Jones, Dany Vargas;
    Pride, Part 2 (Sarava/Kristen Bjorn) Cast, Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed (All Worlds Video)
  - Jean-Daniel Chagall, Brandon Manilow, Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean; Step by Step:
    Jean-Daniel Chagall (Bel Ami)
  - Shane Risk, Josh West, Tyler Saint, Chad Manning, Philip Aubrey; Taken: To
    the Lowest Level (Rascal)
  - Steve Cruz, Damien Crosse, Wilfried Knight, Francesco D'Macho; Focus/ReFocus
    (Raging Stallion)

Best HD Feature
  - Flux (Titan)
  - Folsom Flesh (Titan)
  - Inside Israel (Lucas)
  - Lost at Sea (Diamond Pictures)
  - Lotus (Buckshot)

Best Marketing - Company Image
  - Athletic Model Guild
  - Bel Ami Entertainment
  - COLT Studio Group
  - Jet Set Men
  - Lucas Entertainment
  - Raging Stallion Studios
  - Titan Media

Best Newcomer
  - Alessio Romero
  - Conner Habib
  - Jonathan Agassi
  - Kris Evans
  - Race Cooper
  - Spencer Reed
  - Will Parker

Best Sex Comedy
  - Getting Levi's Johnson (Jet Set)
  - Jersey Score (Jet Set)
  - That 70's Gay Porn Movie (Randy Blue Productions)
  - Twinkblood (BoyLair Studios/SaggerzSkaterz Studio)
  - Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls (Dominic Ford)

Best Solo Performance
  - Adam Killian, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)
  - Jimmy B.I.G., NakedAmericanMales Volume One (The O'Malley Studio)
  - Ethan Storm, Wall Street (Lucas)
  - Landon Mycles, Straight Edge 4 (Jet Set)
  - Logan McRee, The Visitor (Raging Stallion)

Best Supporting Actor
  - Andrew Justice, Dad Takes Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
  - Ben Andrews, Wall Street (Lucas)
  - Matthew Rush, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls (Dominic Ford)
  - Philip Aubrey, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)
  - Steve Cruz, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)

Best Videography
  - Jonno, Dressed (down & dirty) (UK Naked Men)
  - Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry, Flux (Titan)
  - Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)
  - mr. Pam, Inside Israel (Lucas)
  - Kristen Bjorn, Tropical Adventure, Parts 1 & 2 (Sarava/Kristen Bjorn)

Best Web-to-DVD Release
  - Bound Gods (
  - Fuck Your Friends! (Jake Cruise Media)
  - Hard Friction (Hard Friction)
  - Stag Reel (Stag Homme)
  - Summer Recruits (Active Duty)
  - That 70's Gay Porn Movie (Randy Blue)

Performer of the Year
  - Dean Flynn
  - Kyle King
  - Steve Cruz
  - Tony Buff
  - Wilfried Knight

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"...Acrobat Andrés de la Serna, meanwhile, is recycled in "Fuckbuddies and Other Intelligent Life Forms," in which he joins Tobias Sodi (aka Tommy Lima) and Nano Roca for a threesome with another display of acrobatic fucking. This time, de la Serna spread-eagles himself between two couches, supported only by his feet and ankles on top of the couches on opposite sides of him. Sodi scooches up to him until he is getting his ass fucked by de la Serna, who is effectively suspended in midair. While getting fucked, Lima sucks Roca. Later, de la Serna fucks Roca in a less demanding position."
A review by Onan the Vulgarian.



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Monday, March 1, 2010


Daniel Marvin stars; this guy is drop-dead gorgeous whether he's naked, wearing leather or in a suit and tie. The film plays out as a series of scenes (nine!) that arise from ongoing visits of Daniel to his psychotherapist, Bruno Bordas.

Name an addiction and Daniels' got it — sex, drugs, gambling, the gym — which is good because in his case, all neuroses lead to sex. He wears a ring that at first appears to be a wedding band (he was married but his wife left him), but when he turns the ring around, there's a pig's head on the opposite side, representing the hidden side of relationships — to Daniel, anyway. In his words, he lives life as if it were a porno movie, and he likes it that way.
A review by Onan the Vulgarian

Friday, February 26, 2010


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


.....One final comment. My fellow critic Vincent Lambert said, in Mark Adams' year-in-review column, that twins dominated the scene in 2009, and he gave persuasive reasons. I would say that sexual imagination dominated the scene in 2009: the phantasmagoria of Chi Chi LaRue's Lowest Level or basest dreams; the fetish-populated Trap of Andrew Rosen; Michael Lucas's sea platform surrounded by billowing gauze; Csaba Borbely's sex yacht; the freshness and variety of Brian Mills' BDSM scenarios for Titan's Folsom series; Kristen Bjorn's ability to choreograph models like an architect designing a structure; and the huge surprise of Strongboli's cynical but enormously erotic takes on fucking. There are surely more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in any one person's sexual philosophy, which brings us full circle.


Nacho Navas and Andrés de la Serna, 
Love Addiction, Sarava Productions.

"Love Is Contortion" brings Nacho back, paired with Andrés de la Serna. They represent the beauty, grace and physical and emotional challenges of love, in a scene that may make you think of Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Theirs is a lovely ballet that segues into sex. There's no sucking. Andrés rims and fucks Nacho, who lives up to the definition of nacho as "snack." Their standing fuck, to tango music, with Nacho's legs 180 degrees apart, one on the ground and the other over his partner's shoulder whole both are on their feet and Andrés is fucking Nacho, is pretty hot as well as being physically remarkable.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas & Bruno Bordas.
Love Addiction, Sarava Productions 

Bordas' sex life seems to be entirely imaginary. After listening to his client Daniel talk about his feelings of love for the hustler Pedro, Bruno imagines the three of them together. Director Strongboli conjures up another amazing fuck here. Daniel and Pedro lie on a table on their backs, butt-to-butt. Bruno connects them with a double-headed dildo, then squeezes their cocks together, snaps a single condom over their conjoined shafts, and sits on it. All three are getting fucked at the same time, though it's Bruno doing all the work. This one is called "Deep Connection."