Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all.

His intense sex-life is filled with attractive men, three-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. He becomes obsessed with the boy and because he is used to controlling his life, he fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But..., will he be able to succeed?"


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DANIEL MARVIN/ Robert Mitchum in "The night of the Hunter"

LOVE ADDICTION plays with the spectator ;-P
Daniel Marvin  show us his dark side.
"The night of the Hunter"(1955)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Love Burns" scene in LOVE ADDICTION.

 "Love Burns" is even more controversial, conjuring up recollections of the final scene of Brad Braverman's 1994 film, hush. Sodi and Achaval enact a scene narrated by Marvin to his therapist. Marvin is also a pyromaniac and this scene begins with lots of burning candles that Sodi and Achaval, who are naked together in bed, use to drip burning wax onto each other. Achaval uses a lighted candle as a dildo on Sodi, then they fuck each other. After cumming, they douse themselves with gasoline, embrace, and drop a lighted candle between them.

Pyromania is certainly not the usual jumping off place for a gay porn scene, but since this is one that is already fraught with psychoanalysis, it kind of makes sense here. Tobias returns for this one, and the scene involves melting candle wax, candles shoved into assholes, and more, but it ends with a more traditional versatile fuck scene with Tobias and Thomas.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Love Addiction´s REWIEWS

I'm watching a scene for the 10th time where one actor does splits while fucking someone. He's an awesome top and a beautiful bottom. Speaking of beautiful, holy hell, Kristen Bjorn and Strongboli found some hot guys for this movie. There's an addiction alright, and it's for hot men in their 30s with lovely skin and an insatiable need for fucking. Really, the two main men and the therapist are top notch. I think I'm most attracted to the hustler, but the therapist comes in a close second. And the main guy, the addict, YUM! Enjoy!

Love Addiction; le feu de l'amour. (MENSTORE CRITIQUE)

"Dans le porno, il n'y a pas de place pour les sentiments" se plaint le héros de "Love Adiction" qui croit n'être qu'un sex addict... jusqu'au jour où il rencontre l'Amour.

Marvin, le héros de "Love Addiction" consulte u thérapeute car il n'en peut plus de sa vie qui n'est qu'un marathon sexuel sans fin.

A carrefour d'une rue de Buenos Aires, il a eu LA révélation; celle de l'amour avec un grand A après des années des turpitudes sexuelles débridées. Il en est sûr; ce bel étranger qu'il a croisé va changer le sens de sa vie.

"Love Addiction" s'inscrit dans cette tendance "sentimentale" qui imprègne - pour le meilleur - de plus en plus de films X gay.
Celui-ci va encore plus loin puisqu'il en fait le sujet même de son film.

Mais que le spectateur amateur de scène X torrides se rassure, l'évocation de sa sexualité effrénée par le héros devant son bel et ambigu thérapeute sera l'occasion de visualiser par le menu toute sa vie passée gorgée d'hommes et de sexe...

Et Dieu sait qu'en trois heures - sans une seconde d'ennui ou de répétition - on sera rassasiés.
Non seulement le sujet et le scénario sont originaux et captivants, mais la caméra créative et fluide de Strongboli, doublée d'un montage rapide, nous embarque dans un film sans égal.

Ajoutez à ce compliment les dix hommes les plus chaudes de la capitale argentine et vous êtes bien renseignés : ce film de première qualité que signé Sarava Productions est à ne pas manquer.
On se dispensera de vous en donner la fin pour préserver votre plaisir au maximum!

Love Addiction. Sarava Production/Kristen Bjorn. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

"True Fucking Love" scene in LOVE ADDICTION

..."His most recent psychological crisis was caused when he fell in love at first sight with a man he saw on the street (Pedro Andreas), only to have the same man turn up later when he hired a trick from a call-boy service. In their scene together, "True Fucking Love," they negotiate the gap between love for hire and emotional intimacy in a lyrical flip-fuck that only increases Daniel's confusion. Love just throws a monkey-wrench into the works"....



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LOVE ADDICTION. ManNet’s 13th Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year.

ManNet’s 13th Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year – FEATURE

January 1, 2010 — Of all the male adult titles of 2009, our favorites were analyzed to compile this list.
Posted by Butch Harris in XXX
FEATURE – ManNet’s 13th Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year

Butch Harris, Publisher
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Gay Erotica’s Best Click!

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Love is contortion in LOVE ADDICTION

"Love Is Contortion" brings Nacho back, paired with Andrés de la Serna. They represent the beauty, grace and physical and emotional challenges of love, in a scene that may make you think of Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Theirs is a lovely ballet that segues into sex. There's no sucking. Andrés rims and fucks Nacho, who lives up to the definition of nacho as "snack." Their standing fuck, to tango music, with Nacho's legs 180 degrees apart, one on the ground and the other over his partner's shoulder whole both are on their feet and Andrés is fucking Nacho, is pretty hot as well as being physically remarkable.

Monday, January 4, 2010


- John  A+++
"This is the most liberating, viceral and facinating male erotica I have ever seen. It’s a perfect example of a kind of male fantasy that one may not of thought of, that one may be afraid of or lived out in reality. It is the most gorgeous, curious, dark and at times romantic porno to be released in a long time. Good work Strongboli! It’s a reminder of how super hot men, hot sex, obsession, the need for “love” and the propensity for humans to be self destructive can make for amazing gay erotica. More please! "

NEOGRAMA (Spanish)
El magnate del porno gay Kristen Bjorn sabe que para ser grande (y hace muchos años que es grande) hay que pensar a lo grande. Sus tres últimas películas como realizador (a saber: "Skin deep", "Action!" y "Pride") lo han colocado en el pedestal de la megalomanía y si bien a realizadores convencionales como Francis Ford Coppola con "One from the heart" o Michael Cimino con "Heaven' s gate" no les fue nada bien, no parece que Bjorn se resienta al crear películas que superan las 5 horas y que llegan,  incluso, a las 7. Tal vez por el esfuerzo que significa crear unas obras de esta embergadura ahora presenta, tan sólo como productor (a través de su sello Sarava, símbolo de calidad), la película "Love addiction" dirigida por Strongboli con 9 escenas, 10 actores sobresalientes y una duración de 3 horas. La película está creada desde el principio al fin para no pasar desapercibida. Tener a Daniel Marvin y a Pedro Andreas como cabeza de cartel sigue siendo un must para los aficionados al buen porno gay y toda ella consigue un ritmo in crescendo que no todos (más bien pocos...) son capaces de crear. Strongboli ha heredado los mejores detalles de filmación de Kristen Bjorn; consigue planos imposibles, escenas de buen sexo (con contorsiones y fuego), actuaciones creíbles y corrídas -que, en definitiva, es lo importante- abundantes y morbosas (la corrida de Mauro Max en la cara de Thomas Achaval está destinada a ser un clásico). Todo ello hace que "Love addiction" y Strongboli se sitúen en primera línea del porno gay realizado este año. Una película imprescindible en tu videoteca.