Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all.

His intense sex-life is filled with attractive men, three-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. He becomes obsessed with the boy and because he is used to controlling his life, he fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But..., will he be able to succeed?"


Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Love Addiction´s REWIEWS

I'm watching a scene for the 10th time where one actor does splits while fucking someone. He's an awesome top and a beautiful bottom. Speaking of beautiful, holy hell, Kristen Bjorn and Strongboli found some hot guys for this movie. There's an addiction alright, and it's for hot men in their 30s with lovely skin and an insatiable need for fucking. Really, the two main men and the therapist are top notch. I think I'm most attracted to the hustler, but the therapist comes in a close second. And the main guy, the addict, YUM! Enjoy!

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