Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all.

His intense sex-life is filled with attractive men, three-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. He becomes obsessed with the boy and because he is used to controlling his life, he fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But..., will he be able to succeed?"


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


.....One final comment. My fellow critic Vincent Lambert said, in Mark Adams' year-in-review column, that twins dominated the scene in 2009, and he gave persuasive reasons. I would say that sexual imagination dominated the scene in 2009: the phantasmagoria of Chi Chi LaRue's Lowest Level or basest dreams; the fetish-populated Trap of Andrew Rosen; Michael Lucas's sea platform surrounded by billowing gauze; Csaba Borbely's sex yacht; the freshness and variety of Brian Mills' BDSM scenarios for Titan's Folsom series; Kristen Bjorn's ability to choreograph models like an architect designing a structure; and the huge surprise of Strongboli's cynical but enormously erotic takes on fucking. There are surely more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in any one person's sexual philosophy, which brings us full circle.

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